Since my last blog I have been doing  lots of training on the various Brother Embroidery machines,  the V series is  very popular. A few ladies are very lucky indeed having the amazing brother XV embroidery and sewing machine which really is  a dream machine.  The upgrade for the XV is just brilliant, the stippling attributes are  fantastic & the upgrade on the design center takes the machine to a new level.

The photo below is a beautiful lace coat hanger made by Louise Warren. The lace was stitched out on Louise's Brother 750 embroidery machines. Louise attends one of my monthly Embroidery groups and attended my Lace coat hanger workshop. As the largest hoop size the 750 has is 7" x 5 " the lace pattern design needed to be split in  to two parts, I  used  Brothers embroidery software, PE Design 10 (might have been version 9, can't remember) to do this. Louise has made several of theses hangers now and uses her beading abilities to great effect. 
I would like to say a big thank you to a lady called Janet Carly who designed the lace coat hanger, one very talented lady.
I have made another dress using my tried and trusted McCalls pattern M6886, so pleased with result. This pattern is just brilliant, so simple to make and easy to wear. Photo to be posted on my next blog!
I have also stitched out a lace panel for a top - now I  just have to stitch the top together.  See photo below - lace design has been stitched out on to tulle and water soluble stabiliser.