Happy New Year


Well the festive season seems a long time ago now  and hopefully we will soon be seeing lighter evenings.

I was very pleased that between Christmas and New Year I found time to make myself a sequin skirt.  I purchased the fabric from Stitches (the fabric was just lovely and not too difficult to sew).  I used my tried and tested skirt pattern McCall's 3830  and the only alteration I made to the pattern was to omit the centre back seam.  It's always easier to fit a skirt with a centre back seam but when working with sequin fabric,  the fewer seams the better.

Normally, if I make a garment using sequin fabrics, I will remove the sequins from the seam allowances and the dart areas and around the zip area.  The actual individual sequins on this fabric are very small, so after making some seam samples up, I decided that  I would go ahead and just stitch through the sequins as in any normal fabric.  See photos of fabric. 

Sequin Fabric


Sequin Fabric

The sequins are stitched  on to a net and the net does stretch, so it is important that you use a stay tape on the waistline and I would also recommend that you stabilise the zip area.  For the waist stay I used silk organza, 2cm strips, cut on the straight of grain and around the zip area I used a find sheer fusible woven strips (again cut at 2cm).  Yes I did use a fusible tape on a sequin fabric and it worked a treat,  just be careful with your heat setting on your iron and always do a test before applying any fusible interfacings to fabrics and use a pressing cloth.  Applying fusible interfacing to the zip area stabilises the seam and makes inserting a zip a lot easier.

Choosing the lining to use was the next decision.  The sequin fabric has a stretch in it so I decided to use a knitted lining. This would  make the skirt comfortable to wear and maintain the stretch attributes of the sequin fabric.

To stitch the sequin fabric together I used a Sharp Needle, size 80 and a very small zig zag stitch.  For the knitted lining fabric I changed my needle to Universal, size 80 and again used a small zig zag to construct the lining.

I am delighted with my skirt, it can be dressed up or down and it's very comfortable to wear!!

 Night Out



Happy Sewing