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I offer classes in Brother's PE Design 10 & 11 and PE Design Plus 2 embroidery software. 

Available Classes

PE Design 10/11 Embroidery Software

Thursday 12th Mar 2020 - Friday 13th Mar 2020

If you have PE Design 10 or 11 Embroidery Software and are not using it then this is the course for you. During this two day course you will be given an overview of how the software works. Some of the items that you will cover in the training are as follows:

  • How to set up the quick access toolbar
  • Understand a closed path and open path
  • Understand regions and line sew
  • How to import designs and combine designs,
  • Use the font tools.
  • How to make appliqué designs.
  • You will also learn how to specify multiple sewing directions,
  • How to use the various fill stitches
  • Understand pull compensation,
  • How to make graduation patterns
  • Use some of the drawing tools,
  • How to apply stamps
  • How to import images and convert them into embroidery designs
  • Lean how to do photo stitch.

Please note that this course is not an advanced digitising course


£135.00 per person.
2 remaining spaces.

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